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Flaucor and Gawdayum

Wrangling the great flower beast, rides a goddess from a greener cosmos. A vernal solar belt where life is hierarchically arranged from the ground up. This great goddess, this great mother being that asks only for compassion is named Gawdayum. And her beast is named Flaucor.



Trenton Ave Arts Fest

Gawdayum and Flaucor

eyes set on space

Tower of Sound and Storm

“Tower of Sound and Storm”

scaffolding, reclaimed lumber, pallets, repurposed bicycle parts, some math, 100s of bottlecaps



Imagine the rickety-rack of a tall rickety racket maker, clanging and banging and rolling down the path. A shaking and chiming and beat-making rack, where hanging from tacks, are bells and whistles and things that were trash. Imagine the singing eyes of the band, the hands of who which bring rhythm from crash. Whose venture and beat is much like your own, when your spirit is calm and mind isn’t taxed. Their sound has a tale if your soul isn’t worried. The squeak of a wheel, the crunch of a chain, the pulse of their chimes, the calm of the rain. Now imagine that this isn’t a fairy tale. That this isn’t on the variegated page of a children’s book. In places where televisions and radios aren’t allowed and people are gathered instead, a magic thing can happen. The shared experience of the ‘story.’ It’s here, when people are in front of people, that the part of the story that requires a listener, can flourish. It is here, that the creative mind of the listener latches onto the creation of meaning like a tapping finger latches onto a beat.  Ultimately, I built this tower because of rhythm. Because of that irresistible need to tap a finger or stomp a foot or boogie or dance or flail or bounce. And because I like it when people come together.



Nothing for Sale

Using the visual languages of sales literature and advertisements this piece engages the viewer’s sense of commercialism. By placing text at multiple levels and skewing the baselines of each individual word, the piece becomes a moving and polysemous field where words can mingle with more than one meaning. The onlooker’s position and angle in relation to the field triggers certain words to come forward, either by their physical placement or by the temperature of the color which accompanies them. This allows the separate planes to intermingle. Much like rapidly passing billboards along a highway or advertisements placed on the outside of mass transit, this piece presents the viewer with a temporal impact. Unlike said advertisements, this piece is absent of the object of commercialism, making it less invasive to our sense of choice (to buy or not to buy) while still driving at our enculturated impulse to consume (in this case, the search for meaning.) For the viewers who do stop to view the piece, a reward of human flaw is revealed in the craftsmanship. The colors (primaries) and the style (text-based; futura font) appear to be born from a medium driven and advanced by machines, yet the painterly style of the lettering (blotchy coloring, uneven lines) connects the viewer to the artist as a hand-maker.



Mobile Hobo Home





Death March

Sabina Rose Memorial Gardens

In Memory of Sabina Rose O’Donnell

Art direction and background painted by DWM

Letters painted by NoseGo.



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“Svetvieta” or “Sacred Place”


!!!OMG GMO!!! Mutant

The !!!OMG GMO!!! mutant made to bring awareness to the use of genetically modified foods and products. Shown here in both the 2011 and (revamped and disguised) 2012 Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby.


Sculptural direction by Mat Shiley

Paint direction by Derrick Wesley McNew

hard labor and devotion by Rebekah Armstrong, Janet Kotz, Courtney Dozor,

photos by Sarah Clark Stuart 2011

Mystical Discipline Owl

Made for my girlfriend as a personal tool to help motivate through the use of yelling, anger, and all things obscenely expressive.

What I want to be for Halloween

Small Circles, Short Dreams

Here, on its death bed, a tree dreams of becoming a boat.


Grocery List



The BoRobot

Entered in the 2006 North Carolina State Fair Demolition Derby and sponsored by The Borough


An Animal & Water Series

Water with unwelcome passengers. Animals with exclamatory, involuntary reception.

Iceberg Brains

The way I feel when I can’t think of any good ideas.

Directional Necklace


two-sided for when you are going in one direction or both.

Dead Ringer; or How He Turned the World’s Downside Up”

Tsukumogami: The elderly children of debris.







Pedal-Powered Generators

Searching for alternative sources for the energy that we have become so centered around is a long and arduous process. but it could be as easy as riding a bike.




Generator Closeup



Generator Power Pack b full




Generator Power Pack b overview

Hammy Christmas Banner

Unjuried submission for Holiday themed banners that hung on Fayetteville St. in front of the capitol building in Raleigh, NC for three months in 2005. Ham.

Never lost at the airport


Fuseli’s Nightmare Vomits Glass


Ede Plus, Perpetuo Vome.

Eat More, Vomit Forever



A series of stencils on 12″ records of a jack russell terrier named Vegas RIP