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Hide the Children, Joulupukki is Coming


Joulupukki literally translates from Finnish as Christmas Goat or Yule Goat and is today basically synonymous with Santa Claus. His history stems from various lore that, like many other pagan rituals, was co-opted by Christianity in order to seed itself into cultures and spread it’s own message. He was said to accompany Woden, or Odin, in the Wild Hunt that precedes the winter solstice, wearing a suit of red leather, trimmed in fur. Out of this hunt, which was also accompanied by Thor and his goats, teeth-grinder and teeth-barer, a ritual was born of burning a Yule Goat made from the last corn sheaf from the harvest season. He is said to reside in Korvatunturi, in Lapland of Finland. In later stories he, like his German counterpart Krampus, was lead around to houses by St. Nicholas as a testament to the saint’s control over the devil.

Joulupukki 72

“Hide the Children, Joulupukki is coming”

pen and markers, 15″ x 24″

Derrick Wesley McNew 2013

5″ x 7″ postcards are also available




Joulupukki 72 500x700

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