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Flaucor and Gawdayum

Wrangling the great flower beast, rides a goddess from a greener cosmos. A vernal solar belt where life is hierarchically arranged from the ground up. This great goddess, this great mother being that asks only for compassion is named Gawdayum. And her beast is named Flaucor.



Trenton Ave Arts Fest

Gawdayum and Flaucor

eyes set on space

Mobile Hobo Home





!!!OMG GMO!!! Mutant

The !!!OMG GMO!!! mutant made to bring awareness to the use of genetically modified foods and products. Shown here in both the 2011 and (revamped and disguised) 2012 Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby.


Sculptural direction by Mat Shiley

Paint direction by Derrick Wesley McNew

hard labor and devotion by Rebekah Armstrong, Janet Kotz, Courtney Dozor,

photos by Sarah Clark Stuart 2011